Structural Engineers Oxfordshire

Yoo Lakes

Yoo Lakes Timber Frame Design
Client The Raven Group / Yoo Design
Location Cotswold
Schedule 2011-2013

Project Detail

Ranging in price from £1m to £5m The Lakes is a private estate set amongst 650 acres of idyllic Cotswold countryside just 90 minutes from London, that enables owners to experience the very best of the British seasons.
A joint venture between award winning developer The Raven Group and design experts yoo, who formed a partnership to fulfil this unique and celebrated project, The Lakes is an gated community where nature and design work in harmony to provide the ultimate rural retreat and lifestyle.
By collaborating with ecologists and local conservationists, architects and engineers have complemented the estate’s natural assets and landscape, thereby ensuring a masterplan that is environmentally sound, breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly functional.